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Unforgettable wedding in Sorrento

Letizia and Federico

A truly exciting journey to the beautiful Sorrento coast:

Indeed, it is here that the bride and groom crowned their dream of love in an unforgettable way.

The ceremony was held in the striking Sorrento Cathedral, a place steeped in history and beauty, in the heart of a city that is alive and full of sunshine as only certain places in the South can be.

After the ceremony, we moved to an equally spectacular venue for the reception: the “Scrajo Terme Wellness & Spa” in Vico Equense. This place is lovely and offers breathtaking views of the sea and the Gulf.

The reception was hosted between the hotel’s two terraces: in the more panoramic one we set up the dinner; Star Chef Danilo di Vuolo curated seafood dishes declined always keeping in mind tradition and modernity and allowed us to take a real journey among the wonders of Sorrento cuisine.

Definitely a hard event to forget!