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Wedding at the Villa Bardini Museum, Florence

Elisa and Stephen

Wedding in charming historic Florentine residence

The Villa Bardini Museum in Florence is a jewel located in the hills surrounding the city’s historic center. This charming historic residence, built in the 17th century, offers not only an extraordinary art collection but also a breathtaking view of Florence and its surrounding beauty. From the villa’s terraces, there are spectacular views of the city, with the Arno River flowing between red rooftops and church steeples rising skyward. This breathtaking view makes a visit to Villa Bardini an unforgettable experience, a perfect combination of art, history and natural beauty.

Stephen and Elisa chose this place immediately after the first inspection. They felt right away that no other place could return-in terms of atmosphere and beauty-what the Museum is able to offer, with its prime location, hanging gardens, and view of the city from the terrace.

Being immersed in so much art and history positively conditioned every choice we made so much that we decided to give as a wedding favor a watercolor done by a painter of precisely one of the most representative views seen from the terrace and, this same painter, was present throughout the event to take portraits of the guests present….

Definitely a wedding that was a true work of art!

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