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Romantic country wedding

Francesca And Francis

When a house in the country becomes an enchanted place…

This is exactly what happened for the unique wedding of Francis and Francesca.

The desire behind all the choices was to combine natural elements (in terms of colors and decorations) with an informal setting, where a country space where Francesca’s family home was located that was the venue for the reception was enhanced.

To accommodate this request, we incorporated natural elements right into the church layout: a natural grass rail served as a carpet for the bride and groom’s entrance; saplings and mixed greenery arrangements decorated the aisle. Everything had an extremely authentic flavor.

The reception was the real highlight: no table but bales of pressed hay to serve as support and seating for the guests; centerpieces made from tin cans, flowers and fresh vegetables as decorations; framing a varied buffet with a wealth of dishes was an orchard, whose trees were lit up by a thousand little lights… the effect was just that of an enchanted forest within which guests found the barbecue in full view or the cook pulling fresh pasta by hand….

A folk music trio played among the guests during dinner, creating a perfect background and extremely in keeping with the whole atmosphere.

A truly enchanting setting for a wedding with natural and fresh tones, exactly as Francis and Francesca desired.

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