IMG 1086Giulia Risaliti Wedding planner Firenze Giardino Palazzo Corsini

Garden of Palazzo Corsini al Prato, Florence

Chiara and Iacopo

A wonderful wedding in one of Florence’s most beautiful urban gardens.

On a wonderful midsummer day, we fulfilled the dream of Chiara and Iacopo, who were united in marriage in the Church of Santa Margherita in Montici, from which there is an extraordinary view of Florence.

For the reception, we “went down” to the city and in one of the most prestigious urban settings, the reception was held.

The facade of one of the palaces along what was known as the Prato di Ognissanti hides one of Florence’s most fascinating gardens, the Giardino di Palazzo Corsini al Prato.

Bernardo Buontalenti was commissioned to design the palace, which features a large garden on the Prato di Ognissanti in Florence; he created a complex hydraulic system for the fountains and bordered the paths with sumptuous cedar espaliers, a loggia and large windows still visible today. The garden housed the famous “Four Seasons” by Giovanni Caccini, Pietro Francavilla and Cristofano Stati, now placed at the Santa Trinita Bridge and the Bargello. In the Italian garden part, surrounded by lemon groves and geometric flower beds, the architect’s Baroque taste is evident, with statues arranged to create an illusion of depth in the central avenue. The main viewpoint was from the rear loggia toward Via della Scala, as evidenced by the putto and the two lions above the gate.

Such an architecturally characterized space provided us with the ideal setting to place the dinner table right in the central avenue: a long imperial table embellished with flower arrangements in shades of pink and green and lots of candles, the statues lit from below, and Buontalenti’s Loggiato in the background-every element contributed to recreating an unparalleled aesthetic experience.

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