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Tuscan villa wedding

Alise and Brian

Peace, Prosperity and Longevity for this marriage in perfect Tuscan style

Alise and Brian’s wedding was intimate and meaningful: the couple, from America, opted for a super-intimate symbolic ceremony with family and very few friends and then, the following day, a civil ceremony in the City Hall.

The chosen location was an enchanting villa nestled in the rolling Tuscan hills, which provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic and authentic wedding. The main decorative element was the olive tree, a symbol of peace, prosperity and longevity, which added a touch of authenticity and tradition to the wedding.

For the ceremony, we made decorations with olive branches and white flowers, creating an elegant and refined atmosphere. Along the dinner table, a long string of olive leaves added a touch of freshness and simplicity, creating a familiar and convivial atmosphere. It was a wedding without excess but full of meaning, where the love and joy of being together shone through every detail, creating precious memories that Alise and Brian will carry with them for a lifetime.

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