Matrimonio a Carmignano, Villa il Cerretino

Wedding in Carmignano, Villa il Cerretino

Elisa and Alessio

Boho chic wedding at Villa Il Cerretino

Elisa and Alessio were supposed to get married in 2020 and everything was almost ready… but Covid came along and messed up all our perfect plans.

We spent complicated weeks and months immersed in doubt and uncertainty until we realized that the wedding would be postponed until the following year. It was not easy to stand by their side at such a sensitive time, a time such as none of us had ever experienced before. The only thing that gave us strength was knowing that sooner or later we would finally be able to fulfill their dream…the wait was long but in the end expectations were vastly exceeded and happiness triumphed.

We had a wonderful wedding: the “boho-chic” style we had chosen turned out to be perfect and created a spectacular contrast within the Renaissance villa the bride and groom had chosen.

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