GR W 5280Giulia Risaliti Wedding planner a Siena

Elegance and refinement in the heart of Siena

Gariela and Rolf

An enchanted place amid the most beautiful scenery in Tuscany, in the heart of the Sienese countryside, hosted Gabriela and Rolf’s elegant and refined event.

Gabriela is of Brazilian descent and Rolf is German; together they live in Brussels…this incredible mix of backgrounds and cultures was a valuable element that characterized the marriage, which was therefore invested with a great spirit of sharing. Many friends of the couple flocked to Tuscany from all over the world, and this created an atmosphere of deep joy among everyone.

The night before the wedding, we held a pizza party by the pool, where everyone got a taste of the nice, family atmosphere that the bride and groom wanted to recreate.

The simplicity of the arrangements blended perfectly with the surroundings in a perfect balance of colors and decorative elements.

Without a doubt, one of the weddings I remember most fondly.

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