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Beach wedding. Port of Scarlino, Tuscany

Sonia and Mickael

Between the sky and the sea — immersed in the most beautiful blue there is!

Sonia’s dream, nurtured in Switzerland but deeply rooted in Tuscany, had always been to return to the beloved places of her childhood for the most significant day of her life: her wedding. These locales were steeped in joyful memories, summers spent carefree with her parents and grandparents.

To fulfill this cherished desire, Sonia selected the stunning coast of Scarlino as the backdrop for her wedding. Specifically, she chose the exquisite Resort nestled right by the harbor, a place not just a berth for boats but also a nexus for stories, lives, and encounters.

The Scarlino harbor Resort provided an idyllic setting to celebrate Sonia and Mickael’s love.

We crafted an arrangement for them that perfectly mirrored the allure of the sea and its vibrant hues while seamlessly blending with the verdant nature enveloping the Maremma coast. Lush, fragrant greenery adorned the setting, harmonizing with characteristic marine elements.

With wildflowers and verdant foliage, azure and ivory candles softly casting their glow, and maritime-inspired wooden accents adorning the tables, an ambiance of enchantment was created.

Shades of blue and green, echoing the sea and surrounding flora, prevailed throughout, evoking a feeling of freshness and serenity. Each detail was meticulously attended to, inviting guests into a realm of magic and splendor, perfectly in sync with the love and nature that enveloped Sonia and Mickael on their special day.

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