Giulia Risaliti Wedding Planner matrimonio di lusso Firenze MM 5247

Elegant wedding at Grotta Giusti in Tuscany

Min and Massimo

Immersed in Elegance: A Multicultural Wedding Between Modernity and Luxury

This wedding was a fascinating mix of cultures and an enchanting aesthetic experience! Korean newlyweds living in Florence chose the Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa & Resort as their location.

The ceremony in the hotel’s garden had a magical atmosphere, with the ancient baths rising majestically in the background, adding a touch of grandeur and history. The dinner, on the other hand, hosted poolside, was definitely impressive.

The predominant color was white, which undoubtedly helped create an atmosphere of timeless elegance and purity.

The floral arrangements gave a modern and elegant touch to the day, with voluminous arrangements that perfectly matched the style requested by the couple.

Every detail of this wedding was intentionally taken care of and enhanced, with nothing left to chance. Every choice was made with extreme care, with the goal of perfectly realizing the vision the bride and groom had for their big day.

It was an unforgettable wedding, combining cultural traditions, scenic beauty, and a touch of modern sophistication.

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