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Destination Wedding at Grotta Giusti

Max and Andreas

From London to Tuscany for a wonderful journey of jewelry and love.

Andreas creates wonderful jewelry in London, where he lives with Max and their two wonderful children. Their wedding could only be another jewel to be collected among the fondest memories.

They chose the Grotta Giusti Hotel Terme and Spa, on an early September day when the days are never too hot and have a special light.

The night before the wedding we had a fantastic dinner: a single long table set right by the pool and, all around, the lights in and out of the water created a truly magical atmosphere.

The situation was so inviting that after dinner all the guests jumped in and continued the party among water games, toasts and music!

On the wedding day we set up the ceremony, which was symbolic, in the hotel’s large park, in an area surrounded by mature trees and vegetation. Cocktails by the smaller pool and then dinner on the large lawn adjacent to the facility. All of this was illuminated by a light setup created especially for the occasion that made everything look extremely elegant.

The day ended with a real disco, set up on the opposite side of the hotel in an area dedicated to what was then the real “party.”

The beauty of being able to work in places with such a variety of space utilization options is undoubtedly a value that adds to the success of all the work.

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